Download Chempound

You'll need a Java runtime environment in order to run a Chempound repository or use the client. It is very likely that you will already have Java installed, but if not you can get it for free from a number of places, such as the Oracle Java site.

Chempound is a modular system and that can be built in various configurations, with support for different types of data. Currently the main pre-packaged version is built for the Quixote Project, and supports Crystallographic and Computational Chemistry data.

There are two components to the Chempound system: a repository server that hosts Semantic data, and a command-line client that is used to deposit data into a repository.


Get the latest build of the Quixote/Chempound repository server:



Get the latest build of the Quixote/Chempound command-line client:


If you're interested in contributing to Chempound, or would just like to see how it works, then you'll want a copy of the source code. The source code for Chempound is hosted on bitbucket, and can be downloaded as a zip / tar file, or cloned using Mercurial SCM. Chempound is compiled using Apache Maven, so you'll probably want to get a copy of that, if you don't already have it installed.